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Do you have a pressing need to sell your house fast? We can buy your house fast and easy. Are you:
  • Making double payments?
  • Facing foreclosure?
  • Too low on equity to sell by conventional means?
  • Transferring out of state?
We can help you bring your payments current and/or take over your payments so you can move on with your life.

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Are you wanting to buy a home?
  • Is your credit not so perfect?
  • Tired of renting?
  • Don't quite have a large enough down payment to qualify for a loan?
  • Been turned down for a mortgage?
We can help you get into Your Own Home now and qualify for a loan over time. We have two programs:
  • Qualify for our Rent-to-Own program with as little as 3-5% downpayment.
  • Or qualify for our American Dream Homeownership program with a 5-20% downpayment.
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Are you having trouble getting the return you want in the Stock Market? What if:
  • You could get a greater than 10% return
  • Had your investment secured by Real Estate
  • Were looking for both long and short term investments
  • At the same time, you could help others obtain their dream of home ownership
We have opportunities that vary in capital needed, duration and return.

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